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We empower our students by providing them with the skills,
resources, and connections necessary in order to thrive and succeed. 


The Happy Helpers HTX

The Happy Helpers HTX is a team of diverse professionals dedicated to creating fair and equal opportunities for all, by providing affordable language-learning and professional development services delivered with kindness, care, and understanding. At Happy Helpers, we believe that all individuals, regardless of race, gender, country of origin, zip code, etc. deserve the opportunity to grow and strive towards reaching their full potential. Our services are offered both locally and internationally, with particular advocacy for immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and families in West Africa. At Happy Helpers, we understand that creating a high-quality education for all is not an easy task. However, we are committed to taking the first steps in providing our clients with a framework for success, including an unparalleled education, professional support, valuable connections, local resources, and suitable training. Our founder, N’deye Diakite herself, has dedicated her life to serving and shaping organizations, which create educative opportunities for all. At Happy Helpers, N’deye surrounds herself with like-minded professionals, who similarly strive to share their expertise and lead our valued clients towards growth and achievement.

➤  English and French Language Classes
➤  Professional Development Courses including Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Business Management Consulting, and More
➤  A Network of Impressive Professionals ready to provide jobs and unique opportunities to our students
➤  Modern Technological Resources and Training
➤  Personalized care, attention, and feedback from our dedicated staff, teachers, and team members

"We teach our clients to become the change they wish to see in the world."

-N'deye Diakite,
Our Founder

Our Mission

At Happy Helpers HTX, our mission is to provide high-quality educative opportunities guaranteed to help students grow, to inspire good citizenship, hard work, a spirit of service, and community engagement, while providing all resources and services with kindness, care, and personalization at an affordable cost. We believe in sharing our ideas and knowledge on resource availability with our communities, and in particular, with those who require the most aid. We help individuals set goals, find professional connections, and integrate into their local communities while working towards achieving their dreams.

Although we are a for-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, our impact extends far beyond the sea. Our services are offered to a number of  African countries, including Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Republic of the Congo, Benin, Togo, and Guinea. As a social enterprise, we aim to offer affordable opportunities to all, regardless of financial background or life situation, while maintaining the ability to fund our programs and provide our clients with personalized care, attention, and exceptional services. We provide the tools and skills necessary to embark upon a lifelong journey of success and achievement. We are here to help.

Our Values

We teach our clients to become the change they wish to see in the world.
We focus on helping individuals and families gain access to the resources and opportunities they need in order to reach their full professional, spiritual, and social potential. 

The ability to provide professional development services and a high-quality education at an affordable cost takes great effort on our part, but it is worth it, and incredibly rewarding. At Happy Helpers HTX, we are grateful to have a strong team of professionals dedicated to serving our mission and to serving others. 


We empower our students to work hard and reach their full potential.
• We encourage our students to share their newfound knowledge and expertise with others, in the hopes of creating an infinite sequence of care, education, and support
• We encourage individuals to support the development of one another                                


We expect our students to …
• Maintain truth in all interactions
• Do what is right – refrain from taking the easy way out
• Take accountability for his or her actions without passing blame onto others
• Follow through on commitments and goals  


We expect our students to...
• Value the contributions of others
• Perceive and respect the perspectives of others
• Embrace diversity and inclusion
• Treat everyone with unfailing dignity 

Makes Us

Happy Helpers HTX is dedicated to one thing above all others, providing high quality education to our clients. When you work with us, you can be sure that we will hold your interests at heart doing everything in our power to follow through on our promises and meet your needs.

Service is one of our primary values, and we work hard to guarantee that our offerings are of the highest quality. We understand how important trust is in our business, and we also understand that we need to earn your trust. Therefore, we promise to earn your trust and your respect time and time again. When you work with us, you can be sure that we will do everything that we can to follow through on our promises and to meet your needs.


We will provide you with language-learning and professional development services
at an affordable cost delivered with kindness, care, and understanding.

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It can be difficult to learn a new language, regardless of one’s age. However, the benefits of learning another language are priceless and worth the time and effort. Improving linguistic capability is not only good for the brain, but promotes open-mindedness and strengthens one’s sense of inclusion and diversity. Research shows, for instance, that older people who speak multiple languages, are much less likely to develop symptoms of dementia including Alzheimer's Disease. The bilingual brain is far less distracted and is often also considered "more creative" both artistically and analytically.

Bilingual children learn more quickly and easily in all of their endeavors, as they have developed unique problem-solving skills and harness their exceptional abilities for creative investigation. Bilingual children are proven to have greater career choices and opportunities later on in life, and are able to connect and associate with other cultures more easily and enthusiastically than children who speak only one language and associate with only one culture. 

N'deye Diakite - Founder & CEO

Our founder, N’deye Diakite was born and raised in West Africa to a modest family, where she promptly recognized the importance and significance of gaining a high-quality education. The common literacy rate in her home country is less than 30%, and for women and girls, this rate is less than 20%. Fortunately she had the opportunity to travel and study abroad, which allowed her to gain access to new forms of education. Her experiences have inspired her, and have called her to advocate for those who are currently living without access to a quality education and/or resources.

Early on in childhood, N’deye began to advocate for higher education and resource availability, particularly for those without financial accessibility. After high school, N’deye moved to Ghana to learn English and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from The University of Ghana at Legon. After college, N’deye moved to Paris to intern at Natixis, an impressive and internationally recognized financial institution in Europe. In 2010, N’deye moved to Houston, Texas to continue her studies in Business Administration and Political Science. She served 2 AmeriCorps VISTA service terms, and continues that work today. N’deye is an astute and goal-oriented professional with over 15 years of professional experience, not only in volunteer management and community engagement, but also in teaching, translating, fundraising, administrative support, business management, marketing, and communications.

N’deye recognizes that creating a high quality and accessible education for all requires great infrastructural and developmental adjustments on greater scales, but believes that the first steps towards change reside in proving language-learning and professional development training and services to those who are in need. N’deye has demonstrated the ability to work and perform at the highest standards in both complex and demanding environments, while possessing a positive attitude and laudable professionalism. N’deye is fluent in English, French, and Bambara.

Meet Our Team

Hannah Stanke

Director of Communications

Brendalys Lebron

Learning Design Coordinator

Djeneba Diakite

Youth Advocacy Organizer

Kadiatou Maiga

Regional Representative

Our Services

What will you gain?

We offer professional tutoring services in both French and English. We provide mentorship in the fields of business and technology, and offer personal development seminars, training, and consulting. Our services are provided at your comfort in a stress-free environment, and we take the time to provide extra care, support, and attention to each and every one of our clients.


French is a highly important, useful, and effective language to learn – as it is commonly spoken in more than 29 countries, and particularly useful in international business and commerce transactions. Nearly half of the countries in Africa speak French. In Europe, French continues to be the 2nd most taught language in schools and universities. French is positively perceived throughout the world, particularly for its connection to history, culture, music, and the arts.

In America, individuals consider French to be both valuable and classy. More specifically, here in Houston, Texas, there is a particularly large number of French corporations, who require French language-skills when considering job applicants or future partners.

Learn French to open yourself up to more career opportunities and to discover a plethora of cultures rich in their own traditions, perspectives, and manners of conducting business. 


The English language is currently the most frequently used and widely spoken language in the world. One in every 5 individuals has the ability to speak or understand English. Learning English increases your chances of achieving success in a dream career, facilities in professional development, networking, and gives you the possibility to participate freely in English conversations and discussions. Most notably, English will help to increase your future educational and professional opportunities. English is the primary language used for business. It is therefore paramount that you have a working knowledge and understanding of English – particularly when speaking to international colleagues, customers, or clients. English can also allow you to expand your company or business, even while working abroad in a non-English speaking country.  

The Power and Importance of

Professional Development

Personal and professional development is the process through which organizations or individuals engage in a practice of learning in order to meet new challenges to achieve a set of desired goals. This training is associated with the developmental needs of individuals as well as larger groups. At Happy Helpers HTX, we have identified and evaluated key personal and professional managerial and leadership skills, such as time management, the conduction of meetings, presentation creation, and stress management, which clients can examine in their own lives, enhance, build upon, and perhaps sustain.

Personal development in particular, is defined as activities which improve the awareness of one’s identity, the development of one’s talents or employability, the growth of human capital, a recognition of one’s dreams and aspirations, and the enhancement of the quality of one’s life.
In addition to providing personal/business development training and seminars, we also assist in goal setting and connect clients and applicants to resources that help them achieve their goals. 

At Happy Helpers, we offer competitive business training and consulting in the form of one-on-one appointment sessions and a 10-month long course. We focus on assisting our clients with an analysis and understanding of business performance, organization, and efficiency in order to analyze and improve business practices and create stronger solutions for long-term growth, innovation, and goal-achievement. Our instructors are trained business professionals who provide valuable expertise pertaining to our clients’ specific markets. Our instructors also identify specific problems and assist clients in reviving or creating organizational systems or structures necessary to establish a new business or strengthen one which already exists. In particular, our 10-month long business course offers personalized growth to each of our client’s specific business or needs, guaranteeing real-world results and hands-on experience.

Today, technology is essential when it comes to both professional and casual forms of communication. Many individuals around the world use some form of technology every day - be it a laptop, a phone, a desktop, or tablet, technology is critical, particularly in academic and professional environments. Understanding how to use a computer and its related applications and softwares will improve your communication capabilities and increase your value in a company, organization, business, or partnership. Essentially, computer literacy is one of the primary components of success in our modern, technological world.

In addition to our business coaching, consulting, and computer literacy training, we offer one-on-one mock interviews, resume reviews, resume building sessions, and professional communication expertise. We meet our clients' specific needs and goals and want to see every individual succeed and grow. At Happy Helpers, we provide the necessary tools, training, and resources to grow a business and apply for coveted jobs, positions, or titles. However, we also provide team support and teach our students the importance of positive communication, self-branding, self-awareness, marketing, and analysis of one's own practices. These sessions can be scheduled by appointment with individual instructors, and have been statistically proven to improve an individual's chances of gaining a job or creating stronger connections with one's colleagues, peers, or business partners.

About Us

We offer professional training and tutoring services in both French and English. We also provide business and technological mentorship. Our services are provided at your comfort in a stress-free manner. We take the time to provide extra care, support, and attention to  every one of our clients. 

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